The Kalamkari Jacket Story

One of the most ancient techniques of hand printing or block printing is kalamkari printing, it’s produced in most parts of India. Most of the people in India are not that aware about kalamkari printing. One of the most popular printing with rich colours is done in Andra Pradesh.

About the printing, you mostly get to see a lot of motives or figures from  the Hindu epics – Ramayana, Mahabarata, Puranas and the mythological classics, now a days these printers has started to print day-to-day life figures. And circulate this ancient art towards the international textile market. kalamkari is mostly printed on cotton fabrics with natural dye made with vegetables or mineral stones.


So here I’ve combined this straight cut customised jacket with Basic black H&M and faded patriot green linen pants customised with beautiful blood-red Kolhapuri slip ons with some circular motives  and some chunky sliver rings and baedhiya (in foot).

Every time I see Indian textile it just takes me to some other level. They make me feel they want to be the part of something and everything but they couldn’t, that’s the reason I love to support and exhilarates old yet new Indian textiles. And try to pair them up with Street Style Look or Day to Day wear.



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