Top 10 hand bags in your Budget

Top 10 hand bags that cost a much less than a month’s worth of rent or shopping!

How do you upgrade the status of your arm without blowing your budget?

All most everyday we see new hand bags which charms us with its looks, color and obviously the label which comes with it. Lets break the loop of shopping from high street label or maybe investing in only one designer piece a year. Will shopping, we prefer finished -DUHH-, make or break the deal. We look for different labels of luxury or premium high street buys that fit your bill.


From day -to- day slings to work, friendly totes, choose from a range of pop hues and neutrals to complements with whatever in your closet. And what is more sensible is the price tags which will give a smile on your face and will allow you to make timely purchases and let your accessory game strong.


Here you go:

Bucket Bag, & other stories, Rs 8,100
Bag, Armani Jeans, Rs 11,300
Crossbody bag, Furla, Rs 12,200
Bag, Kate Spade, Rs 17,900
Bucket bag, Lancaster, Rs 8,300
Crossbody bag, Micheal Kors, Rs 15,200
Straw bag, Misa, Rs 8,300
Rebecca Minkoff, bag, Rs 14,850
Bag, Uterque, Rs 6,400
Bag, Xaa, Rs 8,700

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